Sunday, December 11, 2016

Race Week

5-9 Dec:  None!  Oh so ill...
10 Dec:  Tucson Half Marathon

I took Monday off of work because I was too sick to go to work, and on Tuesday I was still feeling like garbage, so I schedule an appt with a provider.  I couldn't clear or hear anything out of my right ear, and it hurt pretty badly.  I was diagnosed with a bacterial ear and throat infection.  The provider prescribed antibiotics and prednisone to me, and after two days of taking the meds, I felt a lot better.  I'm so thankful that she diagnosed me.  I could have been miserable for a long time.

I debated whether or not I should still take 9 Dec off work to pick up my race packet and chill out since I was sure I wouldn't be running the race.  Colin thought it would be nice to have a day off together, so we both took the day off.  We went to the expo and had a good time hanging out.  I was feeling a lot better, so we debated the pros and cons of actually running the race...  I knew the race was well supported, and I felt like I could at least walk back to the finish line under the time limit.  And since I had run the 10 miler pretty easily the other weekend, I decided to go ahead and run it.  Plus the prednisone had been keeping me awake and only allowing me to have 4-5 hours a sleep a night anyway, so chances are I would already be up.

So I got everything ready and went to the race.  It went pretty smoothly, and although I felt a bit sick, I really felt like I could run for two hours and be ok.  So I lined up in the very back of the pack without 30 other people.  The gun went off, and two minutes later, we started the race.  My plan was to run the first 10 miles incredibly easy and then see what happens from there.  I also kind of wanted to see what type of huge negative split I could rack up.  I just didn't want to get hurt or become even more ill.

I took two potty breaks during the race (which helped my negative split cause!).  I think I ran too slowly because my legs hurt like hell.  I think if I had opened up my stride, I would have had a lot less knee and hip pain.  It's hard to figure out what the cardiovascular price would have been, given the fact I was still getting over my infections.  I finished the race at an accelerated pace, but definitely not all out.  I feel like I could have run another mile or two at that pace.

11:50 (potty break!)
11:52 (potty break!)
9:16 (not sure what happened here)
TOTAL:  2:07 and change

Week 1

28 Nov:  None
29 Nov:  Run 20 min with pick-ups
30 Nov:  Run 10 min with pick-ups
1 Dec:  PT test + 10 min jog + 1.5 mi extra warm-up/recovery
2 Dec:  Front squats and shoulder presses
3 Dec:  None
4 Dec:  None, and I fell really ill

My PT test was pathetic.  I got a 100%, but I suffered way too much for a PT test.  I should be in better shape I shouldn't be squeaking by with 100%.  I should be crushing it!  Motivation for next time.  I need to work on:  running faster, keeping my core tight when doing push-ups, push-ups in general.

Week 2

21 Nov:  Lots of power cleans in the garage :-D
22 Nov:  None
23 Nov:  Mock PT test (46 push-ups and a 10:54 run)
24 Nov:  Run 26 min
25 Nov:  Run 10 miles (to Sabino Canyon and back)
26 Nov:  None
27 Nov:  None (fell ill)

The really only true long run I did to prepare for the half marathon was a fun and slow 10 miler the day after Thanksgiving.  It went really well, I felt great, and it gave me confidence that I could at least finish the half marathon.  Any goals I had went out the window, but that's ok.  Between the dog's cancer, spending time with Nolan, supporting Colin in his ACSC class, and taking care of the house (to help Colin out more), something had to go.  It's all good.

Week 3

14-16 Nov:  None
17 Nov:  Track workout:  3x400, 1x1600
18 Nov:  Frisbee with the flight
19 Nov:  Rode bikes to Brewd
20 Nov:  Rode bikes to Brewd

As you can see, long runs weren't really my focus.  I seemed to have been a little more consistent with track workouts though, which is a plus.  I'm trying to take a win anywhere I can get one!  :-)

I purchased a custom Seven bike, and it's AMAZING!  Now everyone in the house has a fully functional "fun" bike:  I have my Seven (AKA Condition Bone), Nolan has his little red bike, and Colin has his Turner "Gojira" green mountain bike.  I'm so thankful the weather has been nice for us to go on family rides throughout the neighborhood during the week and to Brewd on the weekends.  This is what life is supposed to be!  I'm ok with running taking a back seat to true family-centered fun.

Week 4

7 Nov:  Flight PT and 4x800
8-11 Nov:  None
12 Nov:  Run 45 min including 2x10 min tempo
13 Nov:  Run 60 min easy

I've had some long streaks of no running, but I forgot to write down why in my planner...

Week 5

31 Oct:  Flight PT
1 Nov:  Jog 15 min
2 Nov:  Track workout:  2x400, 6x200
3 Nov:  None
4 Nov:  Frisbee with the flight
5-6 Nov:  None

Week 6

24 Oct:  None (recovering from huge bike crash)
25 Oct:  Jog 15 min (just to see if things were in working order, post-crash!)
26 Oct:  Track workout:  2x400, 1x800, 2x400
27 Oct:  Jog 10 min
28 Oct:  None (?)
29 Oct:  Boneyard Run 10K
30 Oct:  None

I signed up run the Boneyard Run 10K for the second year in a row, and I really wanted to beat my time, but it wasn't in the cards this year.  Last year it had just rained, so everything was muddy, and I got the shin workout of my life with all the mud on my shoes.  I'm not sure what happened this year.  I guess I didn't run as much or as seriously, and I just ran out of gas during the race.  The last two miles were really hot.  I ran a 50:37, which is a sharp departure from my best time, but oh well.  Something to strive for next time.

Week 7

17 Oct:  Run 2.4 mi + flight PT
18 Oct:  Run 15 min
19-21 Oct:  None
22 Oct:  TORCA Pachanga, mountain bike ~12 mi
23 Oct:  Pachanga, mountain bike ~3 mi

I crashed HARD on 22 Oct during a mountain bike demo day.  I rode two really fun bikes, then I tried a Trek Fuel 9.8 and yikes!  I went off a little jump, landed weirdly, and went right over the handlebars.  I bruised my intercostal muscles, and I thought I broke my elbow.  So much blood!  But it was fun (in spite of my huge wipeout and subsequent recovery). 

Week 8

10-15 Oct:  None
16 Oct:  Run 77 min

Week 9

3 Oct:  None
4 Oct:  Run 17 min (10 min tempo)
5 Oct:  Run 8 min (?), cleans, push-ups, core
6 Oct:  Run 40 min
7 Oct:  Zombie 5K
8 Oct:  Crossfit garage workout
9 Oct:  Run Sabino Canyon (~7.4 mi)

Week 10

26 Sept:  Run 33 min of hills, strides + core + lunges
27 Sept:  Run 30 min easy
28 Sept:  Run 35 min
29-30 Sept:  (forgot to write it down)
1 Oct:  None (drove to Phoenix to visit Becca)
2 Oct:  Run 30 min

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 11

19-21 Sept:  None (still recovering)
22 Sept:  6 mi/60 min mountain biking, 1000 ft of climbing
23 Sept:  Basketball with the Flight (serious hip pain)
24 Sept:  None (hip pain)
25 Sept:  Run 30 min with baby stroller

It's clear that life is going to compete with my half marathon training.  I gotta figure out how to balance everything.  Lately I have been prone to sidelining right hip pain.  I need to be a lot more diligent in my hip strength/flexibility/rehab regimen.  This includes:
-- Glute strengthening
-- Stretching of hip flexors, IT band, piriformis, adductors, and all things hips
-- Core strengthening and planks
-- Foam rolling. 

Stretching needs to happen every day, and I really need to make a concerted effort to work on strengthening every other day.  Just a few minutes of time can really add up to huge gains.

Links for reference:
Hip Pain Info
"IT Band Hell"
Thorasic Stretch
Modified Couch Pigeon Pose


Week 12

12 Sept:  Walked around Blue Lake Ranch
13 Sept:  Run 62 min, walked around Durango (24K steps)
14-18 Sept:  None (sick)

Man, things haven't been going well.  I got super sick (again) the day we drove home from Durango:  fierce body ache, headache, even wearing a hat hurt.  I ended up having to take some days off work and go to the clinic.  Gotta figure out how to stay healthy!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 13

5 Sept:  6 mi bike ride to Brewd
6 Sept:  1.5 mi run in the evening
7 Sept:  Run 60 min before driving to Albuquerque
8 Sept:  Run 2.2 mi in the am, run 4.6 mi in the pm (got lost going to the park)
9 Sept:  Run 41 min
10 Sept:  Run 40 min
11 Sept:  Run 45 min

Family vacation to CO Springs for Colin's 10-year USAFA reunion (flashbacks!!!).  It was great to run on the same trails I frequented as a cadet back in the day... this time with a special running buddy.  We then continued on to Durango, heaven on earth!

Week 14

29 Aug-1 Sept:  None (sick, traveled to Phoenix)
2 Sept:  Short hike on Mt Lemmon
3 Sept:  Run 30 min
4 Sept:  12 mi bike ride on SPOOKY to Farmers Market

I left at 5:45am and returned at about 7pm while in Phoenix and then take care of my kiddo and catch up on office work after being gone all day.  Running wasn't a priority for me, but that's ok.  Back on the horse!

Week 15

22 Aug:  Run 5 mi
23 Aug:  Run 1 mi, push-ups, shoulders, pull-ups
24 Aug:  Run 60 min
25-28 Aug:  None (sick, traveled to Phoenix)

Week 16

15 Aug:  30 min Crossfit workout for Flight PT
16 Aug:  Rest
17 Aug:  Rest - hip pain
18 Aug:  Run 2 mi
19 Aug:  Run 4 mi
20 Aug:  Run 90 min
21 Aug:  Run 6.5 mi

Hip pain seems to be mitigated by lots of stretching:  IT band, hip flexors, (modified) pigeon stretch.  Put the treadmill in the garage instead of the house, which is awesome.  The noise won't bother anyone anymore.  Hurray!!!  Plus I feel bad ass when I run in the heat.  :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 17

8 Aug:  30 min soccer, 1.5 mi run
9 Aug:  Run 10 min (all I could squeeze in before work)
10 Aug:  Run 60 min (AM), run 25 min (lunch)
11 Aug:  Run 1.5 mi, volleyball and dodgeball (MDG Sports Day)
12 Aug:  Rest
13 Aug:  Run 54 min (so hot!!!)
14 Aug:  Run 2 mi, squats (100#), shoulder press (55#), pull-ups

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tucson Half Marathon 2016

Back in the saddle!

Life is good.  Savoring every moment with my awesome husband and my most adorable 2-year-old son and elderly Newfie.  Recently weathered another deployment to a very hot corner of the earth and gained a lot of strength.

I decided to train for the Tucson Half Marathon in Dec 2016.  I am done marathoning, but I think a half is achievable.  The next few months I plan to follow my own training plan and try out some concepts in periodization and efficiency in order to balance work, family, and fitness life.  It would be great to run a sub-1:45, but I'm more excited for the journey than the destination.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still running!

Time to revisit the blog!  In the past it was really the best (and neatest) place to record fitness progress.

Lots of change:  moved to AZ, had a baby, got promoted, humanitarian deployment, life-changing pelvic pain I'm really motivated to rehab.  All in all, life is good. 

I don't think my best running years are behind me, but now's the time to enjoy life, heal my body, and cherish these awesome baby years. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Suck Less Tomorrow

When I look back at my training logs, it's interesting to reflect on different milestones (and pitfalls, admittedly).  I was thinking about what I'm most proud of.  Surprisingly it isn't speed or mileage.  It's consistency. 

Life has been increasingly busy over the past couple of years.  I guess that's what happens when you gain more responsibility (in a fiscally constrained, high ops tempo environment).

I enjoy reading running and triathlon blogs.  I'm beyond fascinated by how people magically seem to juggle their work schedules (esp teachers!), their family time, and high-intensity/high-volume training.  I just don't know how they do it.  They and their families must make a lot of sacrifices to make it all happen... or they only need 3 hours of sleep per night.

My husband and I are both gone quite a bit due to our Air Force jobs (training, deployments, special assignments), and we work a lot of hours trying to take care of our people, ourselves, and the mission.  Right now huge training weeks just aren't in the cards.  And we're ok with that.

A few years ago I was on par with some athletes who decided to take it to the next level:  train for the Olympic Marathon Trials, triathlon pro cards, qualifying for Kona. 

Am I disappointed I didn't take that path?  Yes, I am.  Training is fun, and that just seems like a really cool, ambitious life goal.

But I'm extremely happy with the choices I made.  And sometimes that's all I need to suck less tomorrow.