Sunday, February 11, 2018

5-11 Feb

5 Feb:  jog 0.5 mi, 6x6 squat up to 95#, push ups, bridges, leg raises
6 Feb:  worked on Bear, Frogger, Monkey; played with GMB fitness
7-9 Feb:  nothing :-(
10 Feb:  cleans up to 85#, double under practice, GMB fitness videos
11 Feb:  ran 3.8 miles/40 min.  15 min warm-up then hills - 2 min at 8%, 2 min at 5%, 1 min at 3% without changing pace
Exhaustion - I have been utterly exhausted for no reason.  Just zapped of energy.  I think it's the cold weather, lack of sunlight, and cloudy days.  I have been drinking lots of water, eating fairly well, not gaining any weight (whew!), but none of it seems to boost my energy levels.  I love coffee, but it really disrupts my sleep, so I'm going to lay off until I start feeling normal again.

Having fun with GMB fitness - I've been experimenting with the free GMB fitness videos, and they're a lot of fun.  Right now I want to focus on crushing my PT test over the next few months, then I really want to finish the Insanity challenge (derailed after I fell down the stairs).  If I finish the Insanity challenge I might try the GMB Elements program.  I am really drawn to the increased flexibility and strength through movement and having fun. 

Foot - I really need to schedule an appt for my poor foot.  Dress shoes are killing me my bones.  I can't even step forward into a lunge with my left foot.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

29 Jan-4 Feb

29 Jan:  jog 1 mile
30 Jan:  run 2 miles, hand grip hang
31 Jan-3 Feb:  none :-(
4 Feb:  ran 4.3 miles as 5 min WU then 2x(3 min at 8%/2 min at 3%), then 2x(3 min at 6%/3%), then 5%, then 3% at 7:00 pace equiv for hill intervals; pull ups, stretching

Monday, January 22, 2018

22-28 Jan

22 Jan:  jogged 4 MI on treadmill, lunges, pushups to fatigue 3x, bridges, planks
23 Jan: ??
24-27 Jan:  none, but lots of walking
28 Jan:  double squats, pull ups, pushups, bridges, planks

15-21 Jan

15-20 Jan:  rest
21 Jan:  run 4.8 mi
Rest - Felt ill all week. No energy and cement in my nose. Tried to focus on rest to regain energy. Weather was super nice on Sunday I so went for a run outside. It felt good, but I was very tired afterward.

Monday, January 08, 2018

8-14 Jan

8 Jan:  3 mile jog, planks/bridges, chest stretches
9 Jan:  3 mile jog, up to 7.2 mph
10 Jan:  jog 2 miles, squats 75#, planks/bridges
11 Jan:  jog 2 miles, planks/bridges
12 Jan:  none
13 Jan:  run 4.2 miles, planks
14 Jan:  run 5.5 miles, pull ups

Monday, January 01, 2018

1-7 Jan

1 Jan:  jogged/walked 3 miles
2 Jan:  walked 8 miles (thru DC)
3-7 Jan:  none
Wuss Time - I was still hurting from falling down the stairs, and then I caught a bug which knocked me out. Took some days off. Really growing frustrated of being and/or broken.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

25-31 Dec

25 Dec:  none
26 Dec:  Insanity Fit Test
27 Dec:  Insanity Plyometric Cardio
28 Dec:  Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
29-31 Dec:  none
Ouch - I fell down the stairs on the 28th,and my left back and hand took the brunt. Ugh! I think I have to start the Insanity Challenge all over again!  I've been trying to foam roll, do cat/cow exercises, and stretching.  It hurts to even walk, esp up the stairs.  Let's hope this subsides soon.
2018 Family Fitness - My mom, sister, and I are going to walk/run/elliptical 2018 miles as a team next year. We are very excited. (I just hope I'm healed from my aforementioned accident!)
Foot - My left foot (big toe joint) is feeling better after wearing comfortable shoes. 

It's FREEZING here in the DC area.  I am really missing Arizona right about now.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

18-24 Dec

18 Dec:  rest
19 Dec:  jog 27 min with Mom; 5 rounds of 15x jumping squats, pushups, 15# bridges, obliques, lunges
20 Dec:  jog 2.3 MI with mom, then run 24 min (15 min of 1 min fast/1 min moderate) 
21 Dec:  rest
22 Dec:  jog 40 min, stretching
23 Dec:  rest
24 Dec:  run 45 min, HASFit 10 min legs
Foot - I do think my left foot is getting a bunion.  I have all the signs.  A bunion??  Really??  I'm using a toe spacer, reducing walking around, and trying to stretch out my foot throughout the day.  It hurts like hell though.  Stupid dress shoes!